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A New Name

January 26, 2010 Leave a comment

It may seem a bit silly and even a bit moot, but I’ve decided to move my blog to be hosted under another name. There are several reasons for doing so, far to complicated to explain at the moment (as complicated as blogging really is…), so I’ll postpone that discussion.

However, I will say this. First impressions are unfortunately a big deal. Wish it wasn’t so, but too often we don’t give people a chance because our first impression was sour.

Needless to say, right now, at this point in my life, I need a description that’s a little more all encompassing. I’ve done a little tweaking in the past months to play with the name of my blog, but the url remains the same. So, I’m changing that, at least for the time being. For those of you who keep up semi-regularly, you can find the new blog by clicking here. You’ll notice the same look, just a different url and name. Hopefully it sparks interest and/or discussion. But as of right now, it is a much more fitting description of my character, passion and desires.

At the new place, I’ll probably be exploring a much more intentional, integrative, and holistic life with the divine and how I am learning to and hoping to live with a goal of sustainability and justice across the spectrum of life.

I hope you take the time to participate in the conversation, journey with me and enjoy what life has to offer!