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September 16, 2009 2 comments

I posted a thought on facebook this morning that in all honesty, seems to be haunting my wife and I.  The thought I posted is in response to the attitude of our nation.  Now, until lately, I really wasn’t much for getting too involved in politics and I’m not saying I will ever be heavily involved, at least in the law-making, picketing, boycotting, whatever we want to call it, of this nation.  However, I will say that my awareness has at least been heightened a bit as of late.

And when it comes down to it, I’m concerned not about the direction of our nation.  It is what it is, though I wholly disagree with the idea that Obama=Hitler, no matter how you swing it.  That seems almost as silly as comparing a piece of glass to a cut of sheet metal.  Anyway, I’m not interested in arguing over this issue.  What I will mention is the response of the so-called Christian population of our nation.

For some reason, it seems we are living in a delusion.  I really can’t remember where hostility was ever part of the equation.  I guess I also missed the memo where we draw the line of following a peaceful, wastefully loving (everyone) revolutionary when my rights and securities are infringed upon.  It seems we can be as Christ-like as possible when we are confined in our buildings but the minute we enter again into the world where we spend the majority of our lives we turn into salivating, blood-thirsty animals bent on mauling anyone who tries to tear down our walls of security and luxury.  “I’m not paying taxes for someone else to have insurance.  They should suck it up and get a job.  That’s my money that I worked hard for” seems to be the battle call.  We want the government totally out of our lives, but we’ve forgotten to use our brains in the process.  So, I guess we like the idea of paying a premium for fire fighters to put out the fire in my house.  I’m also tired of free public schooling, so I think we should start paying premiums for that too.  That way, at least my child won’t be exposed to people who are different than he is, because not everyone can afford to pay for school…

Does anyone else think there is something radically wrong happening?  And I’m not suggesting that America needs to “return” to it’s alleged Christian heritage, but I am saying that those people who claim to be followers of the peaceful, non-violent Jesus need to realize the lifestyle we are called to live.  If there is any chance in hell for us to infect people with the love of Christ, we’d better take some time to reassess the impact of our behavior on our church communities, the communities we live in and finally the greater community of creation.  It’s time to make a better place here and now.  I would argue it starts with how we engage in relationships and how we behave when we aren’t comfortable.

The kingdom is near…

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